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Hi from Istanbul!

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  • Hi from Istanbul!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm an academic from Istanbul and a bedroom musician. I normally produce singer-songwriter stuff but I've discovered ambient music a few years ago and have recently started buying some gear to make some of my own. At first, I was building an ambient guitar pedalboard but I'm not sure how much further I will invest into that. Recently, I'm more interested in software apps.

    I'm still exploring stuff and don't quite know how to proceed but here's the gear I have, below. If you have any suggestions as to what direction to develop in, let me know.

    I am aware of many ambient tools, some of which I've tried. The difficulty for me has been the workflow. It's very different than composing a pop/rock song. But today, I think I recorded my first ambient guitar piece, so it's happening slowly.

    My dream is to compose ambient and experimental pieces for short films, etc.


    Guitar Pedals: EQD Organizer, Tech 21 Blonde, Zoom MS-70 CDR, Morley Volume/Wah, Pitch Pirate clone, Effects looper, TC Electronic Ditto, Biyang CO-10 Compressor, Boss RV-5 (seems broken but kinda works), ...

    Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

    Computer: Windows 7 64-bit, 6 GB RAM, etc. (a few years old but still quite sufficient)

    MIDI: M-Audio Keyrig 49, Korg PadKontrol

    DAW: Tracktion 5

    Software: Guitar Rig 5 Pro, Reaktor, EZDrummer 2, EZKeys Upright Piano, Audio Damage Axon, Izotope Nectar Elements, tons of freeware and demo stuff that I don't even know how to use

    Other: iPad with a few (mostly free) ambient apps, but I rarely use it as I don't know how to integrate it into a PC-based workflow (accept for just running a 1/4" jack from iPad headphone out to audio interface input, which of course goes through too many converters).
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    Good to have you aboard!


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      Hello lifespace, welcome aboard!
      Suggestion - Since you already have Reaktor, check out the User Library in the NI Reaktor Forum. There seem to be quite a few ensembles that will work well for ambient music. Lots of granular goodies as well as some soundscape generators. Also, I think Audacity is a must haveā€¦and it's free. It has the Paulstretch effect included. If you create ambient music eventually you will probably want to stretch sounds and Paulstretch works very well. And did I say Audacity is free?
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        I had heard of paulstretch but never tried. I have audacity that I occasionally use for editing but didn't know it included paulstretch. I will check it out, thank you!


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          My first ambient piece is online tonight. I posted on the forums as well. If you can comment, that would be swell. Thanks in advance!


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            Originally posted by lifespace View Post
            I had heard of paulstretch but never tried. I have audacity that I occasionally use for editing but didn't know it included paulstretch. I will check it out, thank you!
            Look in the Effects menu in Audacity for Paulstretch. If it's not there, try downloading a newer version of Audacity. Have fun!
            Only dead fish go with the flow.


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              Aha! It's there in the effects menu. Thanks for the tip!


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                Excellent. Another new recruit!

                Ambient Online is the best place to learn from. To grow, to inspire, to share and've found a new home.

                Nice introduction. Glad to have you along! If you have any questions at all about anything, just ask. :D

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