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Hello from California!!

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  • Hello from California!!

    Hey everyone I just discovered this forum and I already love it! Seems like a great community with the same goal in mind.

    A little bit about me: I'm from the san francisco bay area in california and make ambient/instrumental music under the name "The Captive Oceans". I started this solo project of mine in the fall of last year while I was a Junior in high school. I made do with what I could being just a poor high school student and started making instrumentals. I just recently graduated from school so I will hopefully have more time to focus on my music.

    I am releasing a 7 song album on August 1st. This album is titled "Lovely, Dark, and Deep" and I am very proud of it. I believe it's my best work so far.

    You can check out some of my music on my sound cloud here:

    You can also like my page on Facebook if you'd like

    Thank you! I'm excited to learn more about the creation of ambience throughout this forum!

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    So glad you found us!

    I loved the work you posted.

    I don't know if you will take this as a compliment, but it is intended as one: The first one has the flavor of the beginning of U2's Joshua Tree (where the streets have no name) and is like an extended instrumental impression of the intro to that song. I remember waiting for that album and the feeling that intro gave me when I first heard it, thanks for reminding me of that feeling.


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      I think you have come to the right place...ther should be a few others around here who appreciate Frost and a good ambient tune! - I thought 'As Winter's Breath....' was highly enjoyable. The opening with its unhurried approach is impressive. Good sense for pace...more Sigur Ros than U2 to my ears ;) ---> then I listened to 'New Beginnings'...and yes, Joshua Tree as well :biggrin:
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        Another Bay Area native!

        Your work is stunning. So glad you decided to join us.

        Cheers to you and a huge welcome aboard,
        Synphaera Records
        Space | Time | Matter


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          Welcome to AO. Nice work. Looking forward to listening to more...


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            Thank you everyone for the kind words! They really mean a lot! I'm excited for you to hear the full album when it comes out!


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              Heck yeah! East bay born and raised :D