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    where to start hmm... I used to twist the C-Cassette tapes to hear the sounds backwards, and after a feedback period found beauty in the borderlines of sound and noise. A transpersonal journey of discovery, to minimize the conscious input to create sounds, as if I would also be the listener.

    A rehearse in intuition in the form of live performances, which I mostly focus on these days. They are all improvised. After 10 years of playing music on common notation systems I decided to break it apart totally and find something new, so I started to create own tools and setup based on Max/MSP.

    I went through a long period of not using the computer for anything and purely focused on the sound with my whole body, the metaphor of time felt like a constraint whichever direction it was supposed to be going, so I wanted to just go deeper in the meta-axis.

    I have a vision of ambient music, that arises from the context as if it would have always been there, waiting for the discovery. A seamless transition without any preset constraints. Harmonic music is an exception, but there are many harmonics there that are worthwhile to repeat. Everything is in the state of constant change. I discarded beats because they divide time, in my pursue of timelessness and supra conductive experiences.

    Now, introducing again the rhythms, but this time everything is natural, and not mimicry or a mathematical construction, but a metamorphosis - an emergent process where I don't know what will happen next. The focus moves to the present even more than before.

    Still a conscious input of my part is needed in the process, an emotional participation - the link between the machines and the reality, and the result is larger than the participants, it becomes a dialogue of imaginations, a never ending story.

    I was introduced to the forum by S1gnsOfL1fe, who I was lucky to meet at the Ambient Music Conference 2014. Thank you for the introduction, I'm glad to have joined this group of fellow minded human beings. - soundcloud - twitter - facebook - - - sanara creations

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    Welcome to AO. I caught your set in Helsinki. I seem to remember that it opened with a piece which had a very "vocal" sound. I really enjoyed that
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      Welcome here! I definitely need to check out your music!


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        Hey welcome to the ambient spaceship sarana. Also your introduction was a very interesting read so I read it again lol. Brilliant stuff.

        (In response to your mentioning of to twisting the C-Cassette tapes to hear the sounds backwards) Well in the mid eighties me n me m8's would play the Muppet Show backwards on this really old box record player with a high bpm speed of 78 > and record it. We would play the record on normal speed then slow it down then speed up again and play it backwards again ect ect ect. I still have the cassette tapes now and still listen to them lol.

        Sigh!! great times man :listening:

        But yeh I hope that you enjoy your stay here :tu:
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          Sarana has found his way here!

          So glad you've finally joined us. Your performance in Helsinki truly moved me. It was the highlight of that evening for me really.

          I know how much heart you put into your music, and the depth of thought behind it and to hear it all live...pure magic.

          Really excited to have you with us here too...another extension of our friendship and fellowship through ambient music.

          All the best and welcome aboard,
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            welcome and so enjoyed your set at the conference



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              hi, welcome, i'm looking forward to checking out your music!


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                Thank you all for welcoming me here. I feel that I have developed the live set and the vision far enough to take it out more now.
       - soundcloud - twitter - facebook - - - sanara creations


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                  Hello Sarana, nice to see you here.


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                    best intro ever.


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                      Hi Sarana, great stuff!