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Hello from North Carolina, USA

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  • Hello from North Carolina, USA

    Greetings from North Carolina

    Anyone interested in collaborating?

    I am looking to create a new age/ambient album.

    I am 31/male. I do not play an instrument, and I do not read music.

    But I have an ear for music and I am definitely a musician. I have a ton of VSTS, the latest IMAC, korg triton pro, and a pretty good MIC.
    I'm inspired by artists like John Adorney, Medwyn Goodall, Maire Brennan.

    Looking to hear from you soon!

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    Welcome to Ambient Online!

    I would be interested in collaborating in a couple of months--I have a couple going on right now and need to focus on those, but certainly in the future!


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      Welcome to Ambient Online!


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        Thank you thank you. Sending light and peace your way from North Carolina.


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          Well hey there,

          Looks like you've got a goal in mind and are on the right track. Landing here was definitely your best move.

          Good luck on finding a collaborator and we look forward to hearing the results!

          Cheers and welcome to AO,
          S1gns Of L1fe
          Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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            Welcome! I'm also in the NC.