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Hii from the Netherlands

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  • Hii from the Netherlands

    Hello everybody.

    Today I found this forum (too bad I didn't found it earlier). I sometimes make Ambient & Downtempo tracks. I hope I can please some lovers with my music here. I'm ofcourse also in for your feedback, it will only help me.

    I'm 21 and live in the Netherlands. I'm now studying to become teacher at the primary school and compose music in my spare time. Sometimes Ambient, sometimes classical piano pieces or orchestra works. I discovered ambient music 3 years ago and instantly I felt in love with it, now I'm composing it myself.

    If you want to know more, please ask.

    To listen my (ambient) music you can visit:

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    Hi. Welcome to Ambient Online! Trying to listen to your tracks right now, but Soundcloud it being real fussy for me tonight…
    Glad you found us
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        Goedenavond. Ik hoop dat u geniet van uw verblijf hier in Ambient Online. Welkom.
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          Grotjies! Ik schrijft iegelijk geen Nederlands, so I'll just say welcome

          Followed you on soundcloud! Just listened a quickie, sounds great so far!


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            Thanks for the warm welcome! Seems like a proper forum so far, enough and mostly nice people.