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  • An Unexpected Transmission

    Hello Ambient Online Community,

    I'm known as 'a number station' - yes, those pesky ambiguous shortwave radio broadcasts that yet are to be deciphered. If you haven't heard of these things, googling The Conet Project will provide you decent documentation on them.

    Having been a musician for ten years now, I've searched and yearned for music and expression that's been relative to the deep and introverted aspects of myself. Ambient music gives some kind of catharsis for this, with its liberties and open interpretations.

    I am now twenty, currently in college studying Animation both 2D and 3D, but most likely will being continuing my musical aspirations by also majoring in Music Education.

    I'm also the brother of fellow AO user Beneath A Tree That Died.

    Much like the many other intro posts, you can find my soundcloud here:

    It's a pleasure to be aboard, and I look forward to sharing and listening to the many artists here.
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    Hi and welcome to AO. Here is something I and my collaboration partner have made. It's the Russian number station MDZhB. http://crnazemljanetlabel.bandcamp.c.../mdzhb-cz004-2
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      An interesting composition that explores and compels the wonder of these stations. Thank you for sharing.


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        Hi there. your leaving track is very cool. What are the samples you used in there? Very good chord progression, its got a mournful feel to it, very well done.


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          Funny you ask.

          The sample was from something a friend of mine Paul Stretched. I believe it originated from sort of 1980s tape on public speaking - I cannot say for sure.

          The "chord progression" was unbeknownst to him, but you can listen to his interesting drone track with narration here, which is where the sample originated from:


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            Welcome aboard! I will definitely be checking out your Soundcloud! I found the Conet Project vis a link provided by fellow member Meho. He has some 'number station' type tracks on his sound cloud you might be interested in.

            Edit: Oops! I see that Meho has already posted in this thread...:o
            Only dead fish go with the flow.


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              Welcome to AO! I checked out your tracks on Soundcloud, really like the track 'When I Think of That Connection' - the radio frequency sweeps in the background add a nice touch. Look forward to hearing more of your material....



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                Welcome aboard, brother.