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hey y'all from Sleep, Data...

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  • hey y'all from Sleep, Data...

    hey every1, they call me Arkansas shawn, but my ambient project is called Sleep, Data(its from Star Trek)i started out as a metal bass player way back in the 80'a and will alwayz b metal i guess but in the mid 90's i wuz introduced to psychedelic music and have ever since been interested in the background of music as much as the music itself as well as experimenting w/ sound.look forward to meeting and interacting w/ other in the genre since i have much to learn...

    stay metal ya'll...

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    I was hoping you'd join us and you did! Awesome man. You know it's ironic, I actually come from a metal background roots being music like Maiden, Slayer, Morbid Angel, etc. You are not alone here!!! HA! Welcome to the club man.

    And to everyone else, you've got to check out his music on's amazing!

    Cheers Shawn and welcome to ambient online!

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Hi Shawn,

      I come from a metal and death background, too, but I've mellowed in my old age. :blush:

      Welcome to Ambient Online!


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        I'm more of a Doomhead here lately...:rockon:...but my own background came from the other metals as well...

        Welcome to AmbientOnline!!!


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          Yep, definitely metal here too - grew up on the not quite so heavy side of things like Purple, Free, Sabbath then at the start of the 80s got into NWBHM (Maiden, Saxon, etc.), then Metallica and Slayer. Lost it's luster for me quite a lot with the proliferation of hair metal and power ballads... Did pick up again with the growth of black metal and death metal, and I like a lot of doom too.


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            Welcome Shawn, I've enjoyed listening to your stuff on SoundCloud and I'm glad you joined up here! I don't know that I ever identified myself as a metaller, but I do keep going back to Paranoid as one of my ten all time favorite albums.
            Only dead fish go with the flow.


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              thses r all great artists...its good to know other ppl know where im comin from.tho im still huge into metal, its mostly the overseas post metal thing like ufomammut and boris and lento, but there some local bands i like- like neurosis and thrones and the doomers in the vein of yob and evoken...and of course the classic metallers Trouble and Fates Warning...

              suddenly im in the mood fer metal...


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                i would like to thank S1gnsOfL1fe fer the invite here...lotta interestin chatter goin on...


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                  Originally posted by ARshawn
                  i would like to thank S1gnsOfL1fe fer the invite here...lotta interestin chatter goin on...
                  My pleasure dude!!! Really glad you found your way here. :tu:

                  Rock on! :rockon:

                  S1gns Of L1fe
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                    Hey welcome to the crowd man!

                    I grew up on metal myself, and I still really like listening to Industrial Metal so your in good company here ;)
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