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  • Luftrum checking in...

    Hi people.

    I normally try to limit my forum accounts and KVR is the only one I frequently visit and where I am active, but how could I miss the oppertunity to sign up on ambient online? I will definitely visit this from time to time.

    For those who do not know me, I'm a sound designer and field recordist from Denmark. I'm an awful and terrible music composer but a darn good sound designer - one got to know his strength and weaknesses. I mainly move around the ambient genre, soundscapes and pads are my trademark.

    I made a handful of ambient ReFills for Reason in the past, then I switched from Reason to VST's and made Luftrum: Ambient for Alchemy. I did soundbanks for Roland GAIA, Glass Viper and Animoog. Lately I worked for Steinberg on their Zero Gravity expansion for Padshop Pro. My most recent release is Luftrum 9 for DIVA, also ambient related with an abundance of arpeggios, pads and synth emulations.

    I love every aspect of music in general. I listen to ambient, 60's pschydelic rock, electronica, IDM, classic and contemporary pop music. I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd and Vangelis, Royksopp, George Michael, Depeche Mode and anything from the Ultimae Label. I got an almost complete Pink Floyd LP collection of UK 1st editions (mono, blue/black columbia logo you name it...). I often listen to Groove Salad from Soma FM and most of the artists there are friends of my ears. I got two girls at the age of 4 and 7 which I love more than anything in this world! I'm also a corporate member of Save the Children and being partially philanthropist I see it as my duty as an Earthling to give to those in need, who rely on us who have so much. I'm maybe naive in my worldly understanding, but we need to stop the raping of our planet, stop the destruction of our forests ("what about the forest?") stop forging wars and stop making monetary profit our primary focus.

    Well back to the topic, below are a few of my YouTube vids demonstrating some of the Luftrum soundbanks. Enjoy! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask:

    (NB. Any chance the mods could activate the 'Video' BB code so the vids below can be shown?)

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    Welcome aboard Luftrum, I'm a big fan of your work, and your ethics are a breath of fresh air too :D
    My new album "Exeunt Omnes" is available now, here:
    Check out my (hopelessly out-of-date) SoundCloud page:


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      Welcome! I'm honored to have you here as a member!

      I'll check to see why your YouTube vids aren't embedding...


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        Ladies and gentleman...Luftrum has entered the building!!! :biggrin:

        Welcome my friend. So glad to have you here!!! While your visits may be sparse, the community here at large will benefit from your presence. Feel free to post in our news section anytime you've got a new release!

        Cheers and again, welcome to ambient online!

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          Welcome Luftrum, nice to see you here! :highfive:



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            Welcome to AO! Enjoy your stay! I also have to say, that I absolutely admire your sound design work and will be purchasing some soundsets from you in the near future! As for being a terrible musician, I too tend to think of my own work in a similar fashion! I am not trained formally though and plan on taking some more lessons very soon.
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              Welcome Luftrum. Good to see you here
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                Welcome Luftrum! Although only recently becoming aware I too have become a fan of your sounds. I recently posted a piece on SoundCloud that has gotten many more positive comments than I expected. It owes almost all it is to your Luftrum 9 for Diva. Your sounds made the piece work. Thank you!


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                  Another great talent popping in here! This is great!

                  Thank you for your work.


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                    Welcome Luftrum! Good to see you here!
                    My Soundcloud: