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Anybody wants a hypnotic implant?

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  • Anybody wants a hypnotic implant?

    Hey guys, HypnoticImplant here, that is Team Nakrikal and the like.

    We joined this community because ambient is a huge part of what we do and we want to meet like-minded musicians, discover great new ambient music, find artistic inspiration...

    Our dark ambient & sound design hero is Eric Brosius, who composed the iconic soundscapes for the original Thief series, a mighty damn fine line of classic computer games.:rockon:

    We also worked with great netlabels such as Eg0cide Productions (shout out to these guys! :thumbsup and Treetrunk Records (Mystified! :thumbsup and run our own Nakrikal Records label (originally it was just Team Nakrikal).

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    Looks like you've made quite a splash on the way in! Nice to have you with us. :D

    Always good to see more motivated and inspired people find our little ambient community. :tu:

    Cheers and welcome aboard,
    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Hi there HypnoticImplant :biggrin:
      It's all an illusion.