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Hello from Grey Frequency...

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  • Hello from Grey Frequency...

    I've just come across this forum via IDM (where I'm virtually inactive most of the time). It looks a great place to connect with other ambient-minded people.

    I've been involved in music / sound production for many years (covering electro, electronica, ambient and even harsh noise). More recently, I've been producing dark ambient soundscapes under the name 'Grey Frequency'.

    Thanks for having me and look forward to being part of this forum.
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    Welcome to Ambient Online! We're happy to have you here.


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      Awesome! Thanks for joining! The more producers we can invite the better! This place already has connected a ton of talented people so the more the better
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        I wonder who our IDM ambassador is? :holdon: Really glad you signed up!!! Can't wait to check out your music. Sounds like you've got alot of experience too which is great for the community. :tu: Welcome to AO!!!
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