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  • Introducing Curacy

    Hey there! I'm so glad I discovered this forum, it really seems lovely. Thought I'd write a short introduction here.

    My name is Curacy and I'm a Finnish ambient musician. I've been working on different sorts of music for almost 3 years now in Ableton Live and after all this time I'm about to release my style-defining self-titled EP today. I've been searching for my sound for a long time obviously and now it's finally happened.

    I make ambient music using various samples. I record a lot of "field recordings" with my ZOOM H4N and extract samples from other music, quite often songs I personally love. Then my creative process turns these into soundscapes and compositions. I always want to make tracks that are constantly engaging to listen. My tracks evolve quite quickly due to this. I want to create arcs and abstract stories in the mind of the listener. You know the kinds of songs that make you think "oh, I could listen to this part for the rest of my life"? That's the feeling I want all of my songs to induce. My greatest influences and inspirations include Floex, Greg Haines, The Knife and Four Tet.

    So that's Curacy in abstract. You can find my music from the links in my description. Later today I'll most likely post my s/t EP in the member releases section. Looking forward to having exciting conversations here.
    Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

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    Lovely work!

    Great to see you here.


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      Greetings Curacy. Welcome to our world of ambience.
      I hope that you will enjoy your stay with us
      life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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        welcome to AO!


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          Haven't checked out your EP yet but it's on my to-do list!

          Glad you joined us. Looking forward to seeing you around. :tu:

          Synphaera Records
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            Welcome to Ambient Online! I'm glad you found your way here. And I'm seriously looking forward to listening to your EP!


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              Nice to see you here with us, Curacy..I know you're going to find it's a real "home from home" on here. :

              Looking forward to checking out your EP.


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                Thanks for all the kind welcomes! Found a ton of amazing stuff through this forum, it's overwhelming!

                My EP can be found here:
                Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud