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Hello all!

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  • Hello all!

    I'm Charlie Broderick and I make music as The Ambiguity.

    I'm familiar with a number of people from here, but haven't actually lurked around or posted until now. I hang around some Facebook pages, 4chan's /mu/, and reddit, and I've heard of ambientonline a number of times. Although I don't consider myself from a particular place, I spend tons of time in New York and Iowa.

    I started making music three years ago under my own name. After a while, I decided I should come up with an artist name and after weeks of thinking, The Ambiguity really struck a chord. Ambiguity is an inexactness and uncertainty in things. A lot of the music I make has traces of ambiguity in them, having both personal meaning and storytelling that listeners can pick up on. Although we're all constantly evolving as both artists and people, I think I found my groove in December 2013 and have been pretty prolific. I was very fortunate to join the Electronomicon Facebook group, and while I'm certainly not their most active member, the friendships made and the doors opened (as both a listener and an artist) have been awesome.

    Most of the music I make comes in the form of short pieces, once described as having "concise forms, rich textures, and very precise arrangements." I've tried making a few albums that have drone and tape loop elements, I'm very happy with them, but I feel that my best EPs and LPs make a quick impression and leave the listener wanting some more. While I think that can be both a good thing and a bad thing, it's my thing.

    About my music making process, I try to keep things simple and organized. I know how much hate FL Studio garners, but I started with it, I'm very comfortable in it, and I've found a number of freeware VSTi's and effects that I enjoy using within the program. This might sound really odd, but when I set out to make an album, I start by looking at my discography and working my way down. Going back to the dual meaning in my work, I see what parts of both stories have yet to be filled in, ask myself how I could best do that, and go to work. I have a little over 20 different releases (two more under a different artist name that I've halfway abandoned) and I haven't written myself into a corner yet.

    I've recently decided to try to start a small net-label. I have no idea when everything will pull together or when our first few releases will be, but I'm very excited about it.

    Well, I look forward to becoming a part of this community and getting to know everyone, their material, and their thoughts.

    Charlie (The Ambiguity)

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    Great to have you here!


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      Nice introduction, I wouldn't worry about FL hate here, I think we're pretty DAW-agnostic. It's just another tool at the end of the day, if it helps you create what you want without putting barriers up then great.
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        Welcome! Nothing wrong with FL Studio - I used it for my first ambient track..
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          Oh, and Igneous Flame uses it on most (all?) albums, and the results are wonderful.
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            Perfect introduction. Really happy to have you with us. Enjoy and looking forward to hearing your music and reading your posts...

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              Welcome to AO, Charlie..I'm sure you're among friends already.


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                A stellar introduction. Welcome.


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                  Hello :biggrin:
                  It's all an illusion.



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                    Welcome to AO! I'm sure you will not only fit right in here, but that you will find amazing thingsā€¦just as we will discover your amazing things
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