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Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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  • Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


    I'm pretty thrilled to have found this website. It looks like there's a thriving community here.

    I've been listening to ambient music since I first discovered SAWII by Aphex Twin. Later in college I discovered the American Minimalist composers like LaMonte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass, along with Brian Eno and Stars of the Lid.

    I've been producing music for about 5 years now. In 2009 I founded the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble. We performed and had a critically acclaimed recording of Terry Riley's hugely influential 1964 score "In C." Our recording was the first to approach the score primarilty with electronic instruments:

    Recently I've been making music as a solo artist. I released an ambient drone single:

    I also recently completed another 1964 score by Riley, Dorian Reeds. This one is for solo performer, and was among the first compositions to use the same tape loop technique later used on Fripp and Eno's classic ambient albums:

    I have Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Utah, and a Master of Music Technology degree from IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN. I'm active as a performer, composer, multimedia artist, music journalist, music educator, and audio engineer. I'm always on the lookout for a good collaboration. I'm skilled in Ableton Live, brass instruments, and can hack it on a piano keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar. I work extensively with MIDI, synths, samplers, and drum machines.

    Looking forward to discovering what this site has to offer.

    Matt Starling

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    nice bio.

    Looking forward to stealing several of your ideas already.


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      Welcome Starling!

      Listening to "Origin" right now...absolutely fantastic. Top shelf material.

      Glad to you decided to join us!

      Synphaera Records
      Space | Time | Matter