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  • Hello From Northwest Arkansas

    Hey All,

    I am Crysknife007 from YouTube as well as Cheesy Nirvosa the noise musician. I discovered ambient quite a while ago mostly through bands like BOC and Celer, Stars of The Lid, and Aphex Twin. For the last number of years I've been spending much of my free time making extended ambient scifi sounds on YouTube such as the 24 Hour TNG Engine Noise.

    I'm still working on finding my own personal sound but I feel that I'm getting closer to what I want all the time the more I work at it. My interest in ambient is mostly centered around deep bass and room filling atmospheres that you feel as much as hear at times, often down in the 60hz and less ranges.

    I'm sort of anti-gear in some ways, I like a very minimalistic approach where I feel the less I manipulate something the better so I have never invested heavily into audio equiptment other than finding decent speakers at thrift stores and the like and getting the necesarry cords to handle the basics like microphones, recorders, phones, anything with an output.

    My most valued tool is absolutely Audacity, never seen a need to use anything else as I like a very unstructured approach to my work generally staying away from any sort of beat or rythm but letting the sound speak for itself.

    Besides music I work full time as a Software Engineer where I work mostly on frontend UI development for internal applications. I also like to paint, marathon watch scifi shows, and play classic retro games.

    To be honest I discovered this place while looking for ways to get feedback on my latest ( and first ) ambient album which I put together this past year starting with only electromagnetic emission samples from NASA. You can find it here:

    Would love to know what you all think about it. So glad I was told about this place, looks like a really neat community!

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    Welcome aboard! I just took a quick listen to a couple samples of "Ethereal Material", and I really dig what I've heard so far. :listening:

    Also: I'm a big fan of your YouTube work. Very cool to actually "meet" you.

    And speaking of "small world" things, you might check out Shane Morris, another ambient (and variants) artist who also hails from Fayetteville.
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      Me too I had a quick listen to "Ethereal Material", and it sounds awesome.
      It really plucks all the right strings for me, so much that I have to say that it sounds very much like what I've been crafting in the last months, well, a little more static maybe, but it's so similar that I'm tempted to call Nasa and tell them it's time to turn Voyager's equipment away from Caustic Acoustics studio : P
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        I just checked out your stuff on Bandcamp, very cool! This is definitely the place for you...the ambient enthusiasm runs deep within these walls! You'll definitely gain a ton from reading and participating here...

        Really glad you found us. See you around!

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            Hello from Tulsa! Great YouTube work!

            Enjoy your stay, it's a friendly lot here! :listening:
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              Thanks for all the warm welcomes. What a great community

              After looking through some of the other forum sections this really does look like a great place to learn about ambient music from some really friendly and helpful people. I'm impressed.

              remst8: Thanks a lot for letting me know about Shane Morris, I had no idea there was such a prolific ambient artist like that living in my same town.


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                Welcome to Ambient Online! Ethereal Material is great work 😊
                i visited family in Fayetteville as a child and still have some family there. I remember it as a very beautiful city. I heave not been back there in way too long...
                not too long ago I dug up a cassette tape of a thunderstorm that my Dad recorded in Fayetteville. Years ago I spoiled it though by adding some synth noises to the tape :puke:
                I look forward to listening to more of your work!
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