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  • Mister_steph

    Hi all. Salut à tous.
    Its time to introduce myself in this cool comunity, and sorry for my very bad english.
    My name is stephane, 45 years old. Paris, France.

    Influences (little and no exhaustiv list)
    Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Steve Hillage, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jon hassell, Christian Zanessi, François Bayle, Michel Redolfi, Elianne Radigue, Brian Eno. Eric Satie. Philip Glass, ...

    Past setup: casio cz1000, roland jv1080, Alexis quadraverb, akai s2000, Nord lead 1 rack, kawai k 5000R, Nord modular G1 rack.
    This was 10-15 years ago.
    I stoped making sounds for 10 years and i do it again since 5 years now. But i have no much time with my work and family life.

    Actual setup : nord modular G2 and G2 engine. Ableton live and some basic effects plugins (reverb, compression, equalization) only.

    And my Litle seventies setup : rhodes 73, korg ms20, korg sq10.
    You can see it here :

    Technical choice: only drones with G2. Autonomous and semi autonomous ones.
    No wave, no sampling, no fields recording.
    No complex metaplugins.

    First and last work: one year ago.

    On year of interruption.
    Actual Work: experimenting drones for a new piece.

    I was very happy to discover this cool forum plenty of good vibrations 😊

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    Hello Stephane, welcome to Ambient Online! I'm glad you introduced yourself. Listening to "Ignition" as I type this. Nice work
    Only dead fish go with the flow.


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      Thx for your words.
      I'm browsing a strange world with your work . And i love it .
      Definitely a great place to discover new worlds of sound .


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        Thank you, I'm very glad you're enjoying it
        This whole forum is a great place to explore new worlds of sound!
        Only dead fish go with the flow.


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          glad you made it here!