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Here we go! Back again with another entry in the Ambient Online Compilation series. These compilations are very special and have reached so many people. It's great to see to some new faces participating in them as well! Excited to hear what you guys come up with this time around. Ready? Let's do this! SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:
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Hello, new here

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  • Hello, new here

    Hello to all,

    I signed up here following the advice of seismic.

    I'm from this generation which was hooked to ambient by bands like the Orb and FSOL (i'm 46)
    But as a kid, i loved hearing synth sounds and music (like Onyx or Space, Kraftwerk of course, and even JM Jarre at his beginnings), now i guess i belong to the BoC kind of ambient adepts...
    I mostly come from a punk/new wave background indeed, but always had a wide scope for what i like in music.
    I did some dj-ing and radio in my 20's here in France, which again widened the types of music i could appreciate.

    I've always made music on my own : first on my piano as a kid, then tried guitars, bass and synths.
    I never succeeded in having a band, so i was enthousiastic when i first was able to do some music on my own, with my first computers, 18 or 20 years ago.
    Since then, making some sounds on the computer has always been a (generally small) part of my life, and of course mainly ambient (and downtempo) stuff.
    I almost stopped during several years and now try to take the time for this "hobby" again.
    My soundcloud account is nearly empty and dead : only 3 old tunes (not exactly finished or optimized) and a brand new one, which is more of a fun randomized thing i made quickly and which doesn't even really reflect what i want to do.
    (I'm on several tracks at the moment, one or two which could be qualified as "ambentish")

    Apart from some "big names" (did i mention BoC already ?), i listen regularly to streams on the internet, being ambient, idm, drones etc...
    Oh and on forums i'm more a reader than a poster
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    Hi and welcome to the AO forum..good to have you here with us. ;)

    I'm sure you will be happy you followed Tim's ( seismic1 ) lead and joined us here..AO really is a cool place for anyone into the ambient side of matter what style or genre you're into, you'll find others on here who share your passion for the "low" life.

    Thanks for the detailed intro..and after reading it, I can tell you you're not the old "old fart" on here, too..I hit 50 this July..and there are more than a few other dinosaurs roaming these AO plains as well.

    Anyway, welcome once again and I hope you enjoy the time you spend here with us. :thumbsup:


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      Welcome to AO! I'm glad you found your way here, even if you had to follow an old fart like Tim :eek: (Disclaimer: I'm probably older than Tim, and indeed most of the other dinosaurs here...I'll hit the big six-oh next month :frown

      I look forward to hearing your ambient tracks soon!

      Only dead fish go with the flow.


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        Farts attract a different type of follower, I imagine. Nasal impediments are to be welcomed.

        Welcome to the AO care facility, where the furniture has had most of its protruding edges carefully removed, for the safety of the inhabitants/inmates.

        I have just been listening to Bballs, which is fine piece of dark aural illumination, and surely quite dangerous for the inhabitants here, whose eyesight will surely not be doing them many favours.

        Good work, and welcome again
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          Thanks for the warm welcomes, and thanks seismic1 for the nice comment
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            Great introduction. I too was hooked into ambient by the same two bands...something about their sound that captivated my imagination. I had to know more!

            Looking forward to having you with us. :tu:

            S1gns Of L1fe
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              Hello ksniod-welcome aboard the ambient spaceship m8-I hope that you will enjoy your stay with us.

              Great read on your introduction to-btw I am 48 this coming Sept-so your not alone :thumbsup:
              life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say