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Finland calling, this is Leghrec

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  • Finland calling, this is Leghrec

    Hello to you!

    I stumbled to this site from Reddit and decided to take a look. I didn't know that this kind of place even exist! I'm going to tell a brief story about myself and my music journey.

    I've always been an music person but didn't actually have played any kind of instrument. Looking at my young age of 22 I have listened ambient music about seven years and it's been blast! First I discovered the whole genre from Digitally Imported internet radio and something clicked inside of me. I've always tried to listen many kinds of music and therefore find the thing which I desire.

    I have been inspired mostly by Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Jarre, Jon Serrie and Lustmord. My sounds what I produce is in its babys shoes, but if I ever reach my goal I can die happily and know I have done my thing. My goal is at the moment to release album. Some day. I have long journey ahead to achieve that goal but I'll take my time.

    You can listen to my sounds at my Soundcloud page.

    I'm looking forward to have nice time with you all! :biggrin:
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    So glad you found your way here!


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      Awesome introduction! I had no idea we were on reddit...great stuff.

      A few AO members (including myself) were in Finland last summer where we hosted the "Ambient Music Conference 2014" and there are tons of Finns on the site already. Next time we're in Finland, we'll definitely have to connect!

      Glad you are here, enjoy!

      S1gns Of L1fe
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        Tervetuloa Ambient Online. Voi iltaa olla kirkas ja lämmin.
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          Hello Leghrec-welcome aboard
          I hope that you enjoy your stay here :tu:
          life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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            Welcome to Ambient Online