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Hey everyone!

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  • Hey everyone!

    I'm Jamie

    I'm getting back into music.. my creative juices had been spent last couple of years on comedy improv, but there was some problems in the group and it just wasnt supportive or fun anymore.. but i've taken some lessons from that form of improv into my music: like accept and build, being in the moment in the flow, and just allowing inspiration from anywhere.

    There's so many great ambient artists out there and i'm getting more into the community aspect of soundcloud (i found the afx dump thing massively inspiring). I want to get involved more, and i'm gonna start a label of experimental ambient music.. i guess i should post separately about that but please post your strange beatless ambient tracks on my soundcloud group

    Oh yeah, i found you guys through doing the disquiet projects and seeing Dave Dorgan had posted the sample dare thing (i need to upload my entry actually!)

    but anyway hello! sorry for babbling on!
    soundcloud | bandcamp | infinite colors label | new weird ambient group | hearthis

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    Hi Jamie..and welcome to the AO community..good to have you here with us. :thumbsup:

    Nice intro, thanks..from what I read it seems like you'll fit right in there are more than a few fine artists on here who share your tastes and goals.

    Looking forward to reading your posts and checking out your music. ;)


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      Thanks! I look forward to hearing your music and others music too! Good to hear there's like-minded people here..
      soundcloud | bandcamp | infinite colors label | new weird ambient group | hearthis


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        Welcome to Ambient Online! Sounds like you'll fit right in here😀


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          Babbling on is not only accepted here, but encouraged.

          Glad you are here!

          Funny enough that reminds me of a story... I must have been in my early twenties when me and a couple of my friends went out and......