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Hello to all from the UK

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  • Hello to all from the UK

    Hello to everyone.

    I've just signed up and figured that the first logical stop was to say hi.

    My name is James and I hail from the rural wastelands of Lincolnshire in England.
    I have been into music for a long time, since I was at school, but as a guitarist / bassist for numerous metal and punk bands.
    However life took over, work, marriage, kids and all that, and I have very little time for band practice and gigging.

    So I have been looking for something to scratch my creative itch with, so to speak.
    I then happened to watch a couple of films with the soundtracks created by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and I was captivated by the sound and emotion that they produced. That is when my interest in ambient, particularly dark ambient and drone music was sparked.
    The rest as they say is history. I then began to cobble together some gear and software to start creating my own work, I have produced several tracks and recently posted them on Soundcloud.

    I have been browsing this forum for a while now and it really seems to be a fantastic and supportive environment to help me learn and continue to grow as an ambient musician.
    I look forward to getting to know you and to learning from all of the experience and knowledge that is present on this site, appologies in advance if a ask some really dumb questions from time to time.

    See you all around.

    Oh yeah, if you fancy it, the tracks I have produced are available at :

    The explanation of the user name can be found on there as well !!!
    Please take into account that I am new at the genre so any helpful advice and comments are greatly appreciated.

    Well, cheers everyone.
    Please feel free to check out my music - thank you

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    Hi. Great to hear of someone else from the East Midlands (I'm in Nottinghamshire, and went to University in Lincoln). I too find Trent Reznor an influential figure, so it looks like we have something else in common too.
    I'm taking a quick listen to your Soundcloud tracks as I write this. So far so good, pretty dark creations.


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      Hi Cloud Hunter.

      Always a pleasure to meet someone else from the East Midlands. I'm not far from Lincoln actually.
      I've been to Lincoln uni for a couple of short courses, it's really grown recently and shot up the league tables.
      Yeah I find Trent Reznor to be quite influential to me at the moment, especially his soundtrack works.

      Thanks for for giving my tracks a spin and for the kind words, much appreciated, I'll be sure to return the favour.

      Thanks again.
      Please feel free to check out my music - thank you


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        welcome to the forums!


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          Great. I'll give you a follow on Soundcloud and you can find my profile.
          Yes the University of Lincoln has seen new construction ever since it opened; they haven't stopped. And they've been getting better in the nationwide league tables, though that may be because I was there!


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            Hello Dutch from me and Liverpool :thumbsup:

            Welcome aboard the ambient spaceship m8.
            life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say



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              @ Cloud Hunter, thanks for the follow. Having a listen to some of your work now, good stuff, particularly enjoying [untitled], protozoan currents and Dreams of nature.
              I almost positive that the rise and growth of Lincoln uni is entirely down to your academic efforts, haha !!

              @ aoVI and richy tronik. Thank you for the welcome, I think I'll enjoy my journey on this ambient spaceship, cheers !
              Please feel free to check out my music - thank you