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Hi. I'm Andy Reyes.

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  • Hi. I'm Andy Reyes.


    My name is Andy Reyes, nice to meet you. I'm here for the same reason as most other people I'd assume, a passion for music. I've been creating for as long as I can remember, from drawings or inventions as a kid, to music as a teenager, using my imagination is something that has been a huge part of my life. When I first started making music it was on my desktop computer when i was 13 and ever since I found the wonderful world o electronic music it has become a huge part of my life to create music.

    It wasn't until the end of my high school years that I started to actual put feeling into my music, before it was just learning; applying techniques. One of the most crucial moments I had was when I realized that the software doesn't make the music, the artist does. Ever since then I've focused exclusively on mood, and imagery. I love to look at artwork (most of which my partner makes) and make a piece to complement it. Also I look to my past experiences and emotions to create pieces that would either accompany the situation or highlight it in retrospect.

    After the many years of creating just recently I realized; I haven't really been sharing my music with anyone but friends. I decided a long time ago that I want to make soundtracks or movies and games, also I want to do Independent projects Visual Audio with my partner, but I haven't really been getting my name out there, or seeing what other people are doing either. That's why I'm here! To actually get into the community, to converse with people and generally just learn more about this world of art that I've vaguely excluded myself from.

    I do have a soundcloud but I don't post much finished work on it. It can be found here ( theres a lot of satirical trash on there if you go too far down.)

    I'm also working on a couple concept albums, but they aren't strictly public.

    If you would like to hear my private works please message me on here or contact my via my E-mail ([email protected])

    I look forward to connecting with people who have the same passion as I do!

    Thanks for reading,
    a charter member in the fraternity of dreamers.

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    Hey welcome aboard the ambient spaceship Andy and what a great introduction to. I enjoyed reading it. I am just listening to Again. Nice tune m8.

    I hope that you enjoy your stay here :tu:
    life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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      Hi Andy,

      Welcome here. Good introduction indeed.
      I'm listening to your tracks right now and I like your last few tracks. If you'll continue that path I'm curious what will come next.
      Boqurant | Boqurant on Soundcloud


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        Hello Andy and welcome!


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          Thanks so much!

          My musical style has evolved quite a bit in the past year, but I've finally found a place where I'm comfortable. My last few tracks are actually previews to tracks that are going into a concept album I'm working on. I have the week off so I'm gonna be putting in a lot of work toward completing it!

          I'm so happy I've been greeted so kindly! But don't be afraid to be constructive, I like constructive criticism the most.

          Of course I am totally willing to collaborate with other artists as well, you can contact me on here I'm sure I'll be checking regularly.

          a charter member in the fraternity of dreamers.


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            Hi Andy.
            Pleasure to welcome you to the AO Forums.
            As others have already mentioned, cracking introduction, I really enjoy hearing about other peoples passion for music, or creativity in general, nice one.
            Unable to listen to your SC tracks at the mo, at work, but I will do, I promise !

            Cheers and enjoy your stay.
            Please feel free to check out my music - thank you