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    Warm Greetings to man, woman and child,

    I am Wings of an Angel (aka The Unearthly Demagogue), some of you may know me from various compilations and from my own Bandcamp page. It's great to be here; I was invited by the infamous ambient maestro - Scott Lawlor - with whom I also humbly collaborate on various projects. We shall release our first collab LP within the next 30 days
    Basically speaking, I am an indie ambient artist operating from the otherworldly Heard Island and McDonald Island, wherein I observe the imaginary and dreamlike, and generate my impressionistic/expressionistic emotional outlet via intimate and fragile soundscapes and atmospheres.
    My sound can perhaps be described as oxygen breath movement... My sonic textures tend to be very emotionally charged; mostly minimalistic, without much of special effects - PURE AMBIENCE.
    I've been active as an electronic alchemist/magician for some twenty plus years, and have developed a niche wherein the delay and reverb become part of the instrumental texture - i treat them as instruments unto themselves. Also, I will add that I mostly enjoy semi-random generative music and work in this sphere myself - I'm less into composition and more into generative improvisatinoal music and "erroneous" explorations with sound.
    I put a statistically significant emphasis on the holy trinity of sonic content, original cover art and poetic titles in a fun and humorous spirit. As self-evident from my various projects.

    I am no stranger to forums and in the past was a moderator etc'. I've been away from this lifestyle for quite a few years, dozen perhaps, and now i'm trying my luck again on this highly recommneded platform.

    It's a pleasure meeting y'all. Best Regards to you and yours.

    wings of an angel
    Beautiful, Dark And Haunting Celestial Architectures; Euphonious Shadows From A True Virtuoso In Ambient Music. Humorously Referred To As An "Unmedicated Neurotic Genius", WOAA Is Hailed As One Of The Most Important Ambient Artists Worldwide.
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    Wings of an Angel @

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      Many thanks and salutations aoVI
      Wings of an Angel @


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        Fantastic introduction.

        Being that you're no stranger to forums, I'll skip the formalities but I will say welcome! Hope you find these walls a suitable home and platform.

        Cheers and again, welcome aboard.
        S1gns Of L1fe
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          Thank you humbly and kindly. Scott has given very high praises to this community
          Wings of an Angel @


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            Reciprocated warm greetings to you also!
            New LP on the horizon is tantalising!


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              Greetings from a fellow AO newby :D :thumbsup:
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