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Spicygod from Denmark says hello

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  • Spicygod from Denmark says hello

    Im Dan Stanley from Denmark.
    Iv been into electronic experimental music or sound as like to call it, for around 34 years now.
    Started out with using taperecorders, reel to reel, moved on tho my first analog Roland SH-101 synth.
    Had a small dorm room filled with gear like S-10 sampler, Akai 612, Korg Poly 800, TR-707, Tr-808, TB-303, Akai MG614. and my Roland MSQ step sequencer.
    Also had some Korg DSS samplers, Jupiter and alesis drum machines.
    Then moved onto Atari Ste1040 running Cubase and emagic Logic, and Adap harddisk recording on a Mega STe computer.
    Nowadays its more simple.
    Win 10 PC I7 CPU, 16gb ram, 500SSD maindisk. M-Audio Firewire Solo, eSi Near monitors, Oxygen 61 keys, Akai APC40 and Touchable on the Ipad.
    Cockos Reaper and Abelton Live 9.Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, Timefreezer, Valhalla Reverb. I use the sampler in Live alot.
    Fil 02-09-15 19.21.20.jpg
    My maininfluences for this kinda music starts with Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Steve Roach and those he has collaborated with

    My main sound is improvised, experimental dark ambient. I fcus alot on the differences in energy of the sound and try to have it as raw as possible.

    Take a listen to this very old release. Re released a while back by Petroglyph net label. This is purely improvised, unmastered and only sparsly mixed recordings.
    But they do wok to some extent.

    I have a website called 24bit here, where I sometimes write some stuff.
    I create music under the name, imogen projekt for the ambient style and Spicygod for the more electronic stuff.
    I like to use Splice as my main collaboration form or otherwise I also use Blend
    Here is some of my work at Soundcloud,

    U can also reach me at [email protected]

    I also like to work with video, guides etc. and play some fps pc games.
    For now I work as an warehouse administrator

    Looking forward to share, learn and collab with you all in the time to come.

    Last edited by Spicygod; 09-02-2015, 12:33 PM.
    Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.

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    welcome aboard!


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      Hello Dan

      Nice intro there...

      We must be around the same age I reckon (55). I also had a SH-101, along with a Juno 6, Drumatix and Basseline (which I used to sequence the Juno and SH-101).

      When I get time I will check out your wares :D



      (I've been cheeky and uploaded one of my tracks to your Pure Ambient group ;) )
      >]:| ~ > Bandcamp < ~ |:| ~ > SoundCloud < ~ |:| ~ > YouTube < ~ |:[<


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        I like your track very much , and came to mind that we are followers on SC and I have listend to your great sound there. Nice!


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          Thank you all
          Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.