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New here... I'm old news everywhere else though :) This is Corbin Roof

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  • New here... I'm old news everywhere else though :) This is Corbin Roof

    Greetings everyone! First time on any forum other than 8th Gen Civic and Pro Civic (as I used to have a little Honda that I was modifying but very recently traded in 2 cars and got a mini-van.) So you probably know me mainly as the head promoter for #WEATNU, Roofy I have just decided to brand "Corbin Roof" as an artist in preparation for a children's album down the road. The idea is that parents are probably not willing to buy a children's album by an artist named Roofy (and those that would be willing to are probably on something).
    So the first task was to create some content as "Corbin Roof" and I would love to share with any one here that is willing to give a listen an ambient sleep aid album called Corbin Roof: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.
    I used some field recordings of my back porch at dawn and a sampling of my wife's breast pump to help create some interesting soundscapes. I just finished my 3 ambient sleep aid albums in 3 weeks and I plan on making 1 more in the very near future. The albums have listening instructions on the bandcamp page in the description area.
    I hope anyone listening will leave a comment and hope to meet and greet with some great artists here.

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    Great to have you here!

    I was just looking into WEATNU this week. I signed up for the newsletter and planned to look more into it.


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      Welcome to the club! The ambient club that is...although I imagine some folks around here do own a Honda or two. ;)

      Good call on the name change. Equally good on deciding to join this forum. You're going to like it here. The friendliest and most helpful community you could possibly dream of, and it's all ambient're home.

      Cheers and enjoy,
      S1gns Of L1fe
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        Hello there Mr Roof

        I had a Civic once. I liked it so much that I even washed it on a Sunday. For a bit anyway. I got bored of that after a couple of months and settled on washing it twice a year, whether it needed it or not.

        My two sons are quite big Honda fans though.

        My eldest has a little CRX, which, as you know, is a step up from a go-kart and rather fun to drive.

        My youngest has a Civic EK9 which has probably cost him as much as a new performance saloon over the four or so years he has had it.


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          I had a '95 Civic Coupe (the beautiful one, before they messed up the styling with the bodywork creases). That car was a joy to drive.

          Welcome to the AO forum.

          I don't have any trouble getting to sleep. I do seem to have problems getting to bed first.

          I just played Woozy. I really liked the second half, when the square wave? synth appeared. That was a very relaxing and calming listen.
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            Lol since it is a honda thread now:

            1983 Accord LX Hatchback. Blue. Manual 5 speed. 246k miles when it was sold to someone else in 1991--saw it pulling into a store 3 years later, still running.

            1991 Civic Si. Black. Manual 5 speed. 285k when sold in 2004--haven't run across it since.

            Loved both those cars, but the Accord really was my first nice car (upgrade from my White 1971 VW Fastback-220k miles) and had a special place in my driving heart.


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              New here... I'm old news everywhere else though This is Corbin Roof

              Welcome Corbin! You may know me from such places as WEATNU. Haven't been with AO long, but it's great here! I have a three month old, might steal that whole breast pump sample idea. That's something is thought I'd never type!
              I make drones, delay, and soundscapes at Rumourtone Music


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                Hello Mr Roof!

                Welcome to this community! I'm checking your music right now... ;)
                Music washes away the dust of everyday life - Alimba