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Hello from Germany´s Dusseldorf area

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  • Hello from Germany´s Dusseldorf area

    Hello everyone,

    I´m glad to have found this place, and it seems I´ll first take my time to become familiar with it.

    But first, of course, an albeit brief self introduction:

    I´m epiphaneia, in my early 40s (ouch!), and living between Dusseldorf and the Ruhrgebiet in the western part of Germany.

    I´ve been making music for well over 20 years, have been among the victims of the indie label demise in the late 90s and afterwards, so I haven´t released anything since then, but have always continued to pursue making music as a hobbyist.

    I enjoy listening to baroque opera as much as I am looking forward to the next Skinny Puppy CD - and a lot of things inbetween too, I just refrain from listening to the kind of music that I do make.

    Roughly 3 years ago, I switched from "mostly hardware" to "mostly Mac + Logic", and I never looked back (the main disadvantage being the availability of so many good sample libraries that the sound designer in me sometimes points at these and says "why bother doing yourself what you can buy?":party


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    Welcome to the AO mid-life crisis issue resolution centre. I was wondering when you would arrive here

    Gotta love those Charity auctions.
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      Welcome to the forums! Looks like we've also recently met on SoundCloud. Enjoying your tracks as I write this


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        Welcome good to see you here.


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          Hello epiphaneia. Great introduction and welcome to our space hub. I hope that you will enjoy your stay with us :tu:
          life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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            I only just got here too, epiphaneia; and I know what you mean about the sample libraries. I am a confirmed Kontakt and Alchemy addict...

            That said, welcome to the forum!



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              good to have you here!


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                Such a friendly welcome, thanks everyone! ... and there´s already the first familiar faces (well, names... well, nicknames)!

                @seismic1: Shame I didn´t manage to grab a lot, though, but seeing that our deal at home is that my dearest gets to spend a buck for every buck I spend on some new toy or library, it´s probably for the best :mrcool:

                @interface_type_seven: Thanks, I´m glad if there´s a track or two among mine that you like; seeing your reply likewise inspired me to get back to your sc site, some fine space-y far-out work there (I just can´t do that kind of tracks well :D )

                @HypnoticSounds: Hey, another Alchemy fan! :highfive: I purchased all of their addon libraries back then, I´m so relieved they still work in Alchemy 2 (even though the factory library for A2 is amazingly good for a "free" instrument). These are so vital to my sound... that´s my go-to synth whenever I dig for inspiration.

                I´m off to make some music now, and will be digging around here some more during the weekend!