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Hello (from the isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland)

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  • Hello (from the isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland)

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Ali. I live on the isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland.

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello. I was pleasantly surprised to find a forum dedicated to ambient music. Personally, I find it difficult finding people who have a love and passion for ambient music (or even a basic appreciation of it). So I'm glad I stumbled upon this forum.
    I love music of all kinds (ambient being only one branch of my taste) and I also love books, nature, hiking/walking, movies, food/cooking, art, photography... solitary things.

    I also write my own ambient music under the name The Lonely Bell -

    I have other non-ambient music projects too that probably wouldn't be as relevant to this forum...

    Thank you,

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    Hi Ali,

    Good to see you here, yeah, certainly plenty of people with a passion for ambient here.

    Just listened to a couple of your tracks, good stuff indeed. Thought Winters Curse was pretty stunning, love the guitar on it a lot, nice development of the track too. I'll give your non-ambient stuff a go when I get time, labels like postrock and noise will get me listening every time.
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      Welcome! I'm glad you found us, sounds like you'll fit right in here. On my way to have a listen to your music :listening:


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        I just came across this forum last month, I am enjoying it so far it's pretty low key and supportive. I think that there a lot here that have non-ambient projects as well, so I don't think your alone in this. Listening to some Vapour Night nice blending of styles. I would suggest joining in on the challenges, seems to be the most active part of the forum.


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          I have to know though; Who is this Isle of Lewis named after?

          Jerry or CS?

          Or was it Huey?



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            Thank you so much for the warm welcome, guys. And the feedback, GaryG.


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              Welcome aboard our droneship.
              We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us :tu:
              life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say



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                Hello and welcome to AO. You live in a very special part of the world. One of my great ambitions is to one day visit Le├▓dhas and spend some time there and in the other isles of the Hebrides. My wife fears that if/when I do get there I won't leave. It is a place that inspires ambient music and is a photographer's dream.
                Looking forward to hearing your music.
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