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ambient shoegaze experimental noise soundscaper

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  • ambient shoegaze experimental noise soundscaper

    Just joined, looking for a place to post my moments recorded. they very from loud slow moving icebergs to light airy frolics drowning in analog tape delay and digital reverb. i have many foot pedals that layer the soundscapes i bury my self in. i take these textures one by one into the eight track recorder transfer to the computer for light mastering. my recordings are filled up in my free soundcloud account with so few plays i am not sure if i want to pay for the subscription. i am hoping to find others who may be interested in a sub genre of a sub genre willing to give feedback a few moments to tell you how much you hate it or how much it made you zone out into a robot like state

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    Welcome to AO!


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      Welcome aboard our space craft. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us :tu:
      life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say


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        Glad you found us. Slow moving icebergs and airy frolics welcome here! :D

        Cheers and welcome,
        S1gns Of L1fe
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            Hey magnesson,
            I think your stuff is cool. I'll listen in from time to time. Meanwhile, try sharing your tracks in some of the relevant groups on SC, just hunting for likeminded musicians there as well. It might be a niche genre but there are quite many people digging this style. Keep it up