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  • Hi from LA

    I recently discovered the AO podcast and that led me here.

    Have been into synths ever since I first heard the album Oxygene. I was around 7 and my older brother let me listen to it on his Walkman (that's how long ago it was). I would listen to Oxygene on repeat for hours and just daydream about space. I would say it was pretty life-changing. As a result my biggest influence has to be Jean-Michel Jarre; then probably Vangelis and Kraftwerk. I also really like Orbital, Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms. I used to play guitar in various shoegaze-influenced bands so I still love Ride, Lush, all those '90s bands that were drenched in guitar effects. A few years ago the bands I was in all gradually fell apart so I switched back to synths and started making my own music as Small Magellanic Cloud. Sound-wise it's ambient spacey electronica, I guess.

    I'd say my most valued tool is iZotope Iris. It just gives endless possibilities for sound exploration. Apart from that it has to be my battered old Memory Man delay pedal. That thing has been with me for nearly 20 years. It's an old friend.

    Anyway, glad to say hi and have the opportunity to introduce myself.


    Small Magellanic Cloud

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    Nice to have you here.

    I saw Ride in ~1990, playing way too loud in a hall way too small... Second only to Dinosaur Jr on the "I really have permanent hearing damage this time..." scale.
    Latest release: never to be repeated

    Hearthis | Soundcloud


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      Happy to have you join us!


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        I'm glad you found your way to us Looking forward to listening to your music!
        Only dead fish go with the flow.


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          welcome and great influences :-)