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Hello, fellow ambient producers. I am the new guy

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  • Hello, fellow ambient producers. I am the new guy

    Hi, My name is Yunus. I am an ambient music producer under the alias "Somnium Praeterid". Based in Turkey, I have been studying ambient for 4 years. Tried many ways to improve my musical skills. Finally I decided to get an ultimate name and throw myself into the real world of ambient.

    I was on this forum as a guest for a while. I was reading posts, gathering knowledge about the business. But I think it's my turn to help you now and show some stuff that I made with this knowledge you gave me.
    The name Somnium Praeterid means "Dream of Past" in Latin. Actually the word "Praeteride" is altered by me. The original one is "praeterita". The name hosts a meaning that related to dreams of the persons of my past lives.

    For a basic information about my work;

    I use Ableton Live,
    I usually spend my time on Absynth5 to design sounds. Actually I make my music with Absynth5
    I don't have any analog synthesizer or mixing hardware. The only thing I have as hardware that related to music production is M-Audio KeyStudio Midi Keyboard.
    I use Presonus HD7 Ref. headphones.

    My main styles in this genre are atmospheric and dreamscape. But lately this is drifting to dark ambient.

    If you want to listen my works, you can check my soundcloud page:

    My social media links if you like to visit:
    Facebook Page
    Twitter Account

    My personal facebook profile : Personal Facebook

    I am happy to join you. I hope I can make it better.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to Ambient Online! Glad you have joined into the mix :thumbsup:


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      Welcome. Enjoy the journey.
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        Happy you have decided to join in!


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          Thank you for this warm welcome.


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            Hello and welcome! I fell in love with your music, fantastic job!
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              I am so glad that you liked my music Laghrec : )


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                Beautiful music Somnium and welcome! I reposted Bona Fides of Soma, amazing work. Very emotive and such depth in the sound design. I also specialize with Absynth 5!

                Some very full soundscapes here! Is a trait of 'dreamscape' music one of frequent transitions and transforming, cinematic themes? I take on a similar style myself in that sense.
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                  Thank you for the kind words and your appreciation Radical_Realm! I see you reposted my music. Also thanks for that!
                  The word 'dreamscape' usually used by intention of describing dreamy landscape arts and visual stuff. Even that is the proper use, sometimes this word can be used for indicating different ambient styles / sounds I suppose. You know visual and audio are two closest environmental input to human senses. A visual definition maybe used to define a music style in my opinion. This is why I choose that word to register my musical theme.

                  I listened some of your works. 'Traverser' is something really dreamy.


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                    welcome and love your music mate :-)



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                      Thank you, Ivan! Yours is such an inspiration and example to accuracy in this field.


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                        Welcome to AO, Yunus. I'm just listening to "In the World of Hydra" now. It's an impressive piece of music. You should feel at home here.
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