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  • Hello!

    Wow, wish I had found this forum sooner! Y'all have got it going on....

    All-around electronic music lover / practitioner / scholar here. Grad student in music at the University of Virginia looking for a little less of this sort of action :nerd::hmmm: and more of this :listening::rockon:

    (Okay, ideally I'll take a combination of the two.)

    Not much going on electronic music -wise in this small city in central VA... at least, not much outside of the biweekly radio show I host (Wednesday nights 23:00-1:00 EST @ -- name's Bad Blood, check it!). Looking forward to hearing what other folks in the scene are up to. Hi!

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    Wow, cool!!!

    Glad to know there's a true ambient artist behind the icvicvicvicvi name!!! Nice to hear about your show too. You are now the second person here with a radio show. And yes, this is definitely a place where the ambient scene is alive and well. Have a look around and happy you found us.

    Cheers and welcome to ambient online!

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Hi and welcome here. I'm new too :-) Do you have some stuff online, so we can listen to what you do?
      Yuroun Sound Design


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        Yes! They're not all ambient -- I like to be a bit more freeform with lots of beat-oriented stuff. Still not confident enough with my own production work to put it out there, but I have a number of mixes up on

        This mix is one of the more ambient-oriented, from my radio show (sorry for the low-qual):
        This is probably the mix I'm most fond of overall:

        Geez, looking at these dates, it's about time I start up a new mix -- time to get awn it!