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Hello from Greg Moorcroft (eyes cast down)

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  • Hello from Greg Moorcroft (eyes cast down)

    Greetings all! Thanks to Bruce (Windspace) for inviting me here.

    I haven't had the best attendance record on groups lately, since the Relaxed Machinery Ning had to migrate to Ello (a nice platform, but I just haven't had much time). I'll try to make some time here, though I have to be careful of the time suck factor. Time spend typing is time spent not composing and recording - for which I have precious little time as it is...

    Anyway, as Bruce kindly shared, my 4th album - Souls Adrift, in Disrepair - is out of the nest now. That reduces my number of albums in progress to... six. With a seventh to begin soon. If those all turn out nicely, I'll probably think my apprenticeship done at that point.

    The next two releases - both very nearly finished - are an EP of a classical cover, and an album of improvised solo guitar pieces. If all goes well, we'll see them released this year. Time will rule.

    Collaborations so far with: Chris Russell (Memory Palace album and another to come, as well as Particles and Waves from Relaxed Machinery comp reBOOT); Peter James (The Rage of Reason, from reBOOT); remixes of James Johnson (Two Fractured Mirrors, from rM comp Butterfly Effects) and Northcape (Clear Moment Remixed album). Guest spot on Ruska from Ari Porki & Chris Alvarado's album Halla.

    Biggest influences: Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Dirk Serries, Jeff Pearce, Robert Fripp. Some other musical heroes who should become influences soon include: Byron Metcalf, Pat Metheny, Gabriel/Genesis, Rush, Dead Can Dance.


    Cheers, all! Hope to connect with some of you soon.

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    I'm happy to see you drop in :thumbsup:. I know you will find good people here, some you know already and, hopefully, some new folks. We can certainly gain from your experience.
    Wish you great success with the new release!


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      Hi! I'm new here too. Keep in touch!
      Peace & Blessings 2 U!
      I Am Kamal


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        I remember you from RM. I didn't make the migration to Ello as I preferred the old format over the social network-like ello. I am sure I have been missed greatly.

        Glad you found your way here and we promise not to drain too much of your time away!


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          Welcome to AO, nice to meet you. Enjoy your stay, looking forward to listening to your work.
          Cheers James.
          Please feel free to check out my music - thank you


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            Welcome and enjoy :-)



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              Belated welcome, aoVI, I remember you from over on the late RM forum..and, I too, didn't make the transition for the same reasons. Still, good to see you have found your way here to us and I know the forum will be a better place with you as a member.

              Welcome once again. :thumbsup:


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                Welcome indeed Greeg, looking forward getting to know you:-)
                Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.


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                  Welcome! I look forward to listening to you work.
                  Webbish | Band Camp | SoundCloud

                  That was mind boggling