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  • phoenstorm
    Welcome! I enjoy your music

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  • Heaven And Hell
    Welcome, Northstar11!

    I started with electric bass, but I haven't really had an formal training. I envy you that.

    Enjoy yourself here!

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  • Seva Randeep

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  • S1gnsOfL1fe
    You made it!!! :D

    So awesome to have you with us. My history is very similar to yours as I am both a guitar player and an electronic musician. You are always very generous with your comments and I am quite confident if your willingness to contribue to this community. Enjoy your stay and welcome aboard!!!



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  • northstar11
    started a topic Hello from Northstar11

    Hello from Northstar11

    I'll start by saying it feels great to be part of a comunity that loves making music (pref ambient...)

    A little bit about myself:
    Started playing guitar in my youth, but had many years away from playing. Picked it up again in 2006, when I was offered a place in a band.
    Played in this band for several years, til if finally got to an end in 2010. After that I have tried to start up with other people, but haven't found
    any lasting constellation yet.
    Last year I started an education at an university in Norway about music production, and that got me into making my own tracks.
    Have never listened much to electronic music (besides for maybe Jean Michael Jarre), so when I started to make tracks I dicovered that electronic
    music is fantastic and exciting.

    Thats my musical history in very short terms.

    Looking forward to learning an contributing to this forum.

    My music can be found on Soundcloud: