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    I have recently been able to delve deeper into music creation and so I am reaching out and into the group. I've been practicing music in some form or another since childhood. But latched on to Ambient music (as best as I can label myself) in the mid-80's when I purchased an Ensoniq VFX-SD. Which I still have and use to this day. I enjoy using sampled loops and odd public domain audio clips in my projects while mixing in live performances of acoustic and electric guitar and a touch of piano.

    In the early 90's I was 'commissioned' to produce a composition based upon Johannes Kepler's 5th chapter of Harmonices Mundi for a program called StarDate that runs on public radio. This was likely my first 'professional' exposure in the use of Ambient music. In homage to Kepler, you will find a track on my debut EP titled "Johannes." It is not the work based on his Harmonies of Planetary Motion but simply a piece produced that brought him to my mind.

    I spent many years in recording studios, learning the craft of recording, mixing and recently mastering. I have been fortunate as of late to setup a small production and mix studio. I have also been granted a time of life to re-focus on my music endeavors. It took me awhile to realize my 'muse' had always been right beside me, I just needed to look a little closer.
    I've released my first EP and hope to dig deeper and deeper into this genre of music.

    **I also truly enjoy working on others projects either mixing or mastering their work. It's a labor of love and would love to talk with anyone about production, mixing and mastering. This is an amazing time for music, collaboration, and creation. I'd like to talk with you about your projects.

    Thanks for Reading.
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    That was mind boggling

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    Greetings, and welcome to the forum :-)
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      Welcome to Ambient Online! So glad you've found us I look forward to exploring your music.
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        Welcome! I'd definitely love to talk about production and mixing sometime.


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          welcome to AO!


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            Always good to see a new member own AO.
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              Thanks for the kind welcome from everyone.
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              That was mind boggling


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                Welcome and i hope you enjoy the journey :-)