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  • Hello all ...

    My name is Gavin although I have adopted the name Realm as my producer pseudonym. I live in the UK. AmbientOnline was brought to my attention by a Soundcloud posting made by Ivan Black. So thanks Ivan ... I wasn't aware of this great community.

    I recently produced an EP of ambient 'moments' ... there are 12 altogether in the collection but each piece is only short. A bit like a tasting menu I suppose - I'll post a link when I've worked out where in the forum I can do this. My other music to date tends to lean more towards chilled/downtempo, so not quite so ambient.

    How did I discover ambient music?

    That's a good question and I don't recall one particular ambient-lightbulb moment. Electronic music has always been my go-to ... I enjoyed a lot of the mainstream electronic music back in the 80s by artists such as Depeche Mode, OMD, etc. But my musical tastes stretch much further beyond those genres. I like certain classical music and other more obscure artists such as Dead Can Dance. I guess it was in the 90s when I began to listen to FSOL, Orb, Salt Tank, Global Communication, Banco de Gaia etc. when I developed more of a taste for what I guess would be considered ambient music.

    Have I found my sound?

    I think there is a certain style to my productions but I don't think I have a particular sound ... and I don't want one. I tire quickly of artists who's tracks are very samey, regardless of genre.

    My gear:
    All my work is produced in Reason 8.3 although I do also have a Roland TB-3 and a Korg Kaoss Pad. I use a Tascam DR-07MkII for my field recordings - this is a modest but very capable recorder IMHO.

    My most valued tools?
    My creative imagination is my most valued tool. Beside that, Reason has to be my favourite tool ... I love the modular nature of it and the way it mimics hardware for wiring things together. That really sits well with the way I like to work. I also really like my DR-07.

    What do I do besides music?
    My paid occupation is as a network engineer. But I have also been learning Java for Android in my spare time and I'm currently working on my first game which is a Space Invaders clone with a few tricks up its sleeve ...
    .oO REALM Oo.
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    Hi Gavin,

    Welcome to ambient online

    An excellent intro there :D


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      Welcome to Ambient Online!
      "My creative imagination is my most valued tool. " What a great inspiration
      I look forward to listening to your work.
      Only dead fish go with the flow.


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        ​Welcome to AO, Realm.

        An Ivan Black fan here too.


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          Hello, all Ivan Black fans are welcome here. Lots of fun and knowledgable peoples on AO.
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