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  • Intro 101

    Found this sight by way of a posting in the Relaxed Machinery forum. Looking forward to this forum's input/output!
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    I guess that would have been mine. So glad you decided to join us SITM!!! I'm going to head on over to your SoundCloud page and check out your tracks. I really hope you enjoy ambient online. :tu:

    Welcome aboard!


    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Cool tracks!!!

      Ha... I was wondering just how funeral music for a dying corporation might sound and now I know! Not exactly what I would have expected (especially given that you tagged it as metal) but cool nonetheless!

      I love the acoustic pieces!
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        Welcome to the forum. Listened to ypur music, and there is some great guitar there.

        The acoustic pieces are great.



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          Wow! A great big THANKS for the very kinds works, you guys. I'm very glad there is something here you enjoyed! I come from over 40 years with a love affair of the guitar, both acoustic and electric. Blues and blues-rock have long been my cup of tea. Back in the mid-'80s I heard Harold Budd & Brian Eno's recording "The Pearl" on a radio show I had never heard of at that time called "Hearts of Space". That recording changed my life forever! Trying to separate the two (blues and ambient) in my work is difficult at times and I guess there will be some crossing over and melding as I go along.

          @S1gnsOfL1fe - Thanks for posting that link. Now I know where I've seen your name before. I hope to get more acquainted with Ambient Online this weekend.

          @Nemo - I probably shouldn't have tagged "Funeral Music..." as metal. I guess I wanted to indicate that there is some heavier guitar in there, but it isn't "metal" in the common sense. In fact, I have come to hear that guitar part as similar to a synth part....only guitar driven. If you or anyone else has an idea for that song's tag let me really needs a better one!

          @northstar11 - Very glad you like the guitars. The acoustic guitar is really my music soul-mate and I would be empty without it.

          Again, thanks for nice words. I will be listening to your work and others from the forum here in the next couple of days. Looking forward to it!
          - The art dictates the tools -