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  • Excited

    Hi there,

    After a big search for the right music to make.. and what hardware and software to buy etc.. I remembered my love for this deep right to the heart touching kind of sounds. I have no musical background, the only thing atm that drives me to make sound like this is the aliveness I feel when I listen to Ambient/healing/med music. I hope this community can give me some tips for what soft- and hardware to buy/try and experiment with and I'm excited for the things that will come with it!

    Much love!

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    We live to serve.


    Welcome to the forum, glad you found your way here!


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      Welcome to Ambient Online! We're glad to have you and I'm sure you will learn something here. There are plenty of old threads with different gear recommendations, etc. as well as several threads relating to how different people get on with the creation process. Please enjoy!


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        I'm farely new here too. You'll find lots to interest you. I'm loving all the influences. Not being from a musical background might be an advantage for you. No constraints to tie you in. Look forward to hearing some of your productions.