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  • Hi from The Oxford Ambient Collective

    Hi all,

    I have been on this group for a couple of years now. I have never got round to being on the site full time (just put it down to ineptness!) Rather than just than just posting stuff stuff in other forms I thought I would just re-introduce myself.

    I have been creating ambient tunes for so many years now and have a few hundred tunes on Soundcloud and a several albums on Bandcamp and other Netlabels (all from the efforts of labels owners who are just awesome).

    Over the years I have always said I create all of my tunes on Ipad/IOS apps...which is true,,.but I have just learnt to call myself an ambient composer....regardless of whatever app/DAW I use. I just love creating ideas in my head and re-creating them in the many apps I have immense joy using......not groundbreaking stuff I know...but I have a passion for what I do.


    David/The Oxford Ambient Collective
    The Oxford Ambient Collective

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    Hi David,

    Welcome back, I guess :D

    We didn't meet first time around.

    But I am no stranger to your works, which I do enjoy, from time to time




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      Welcome again! I'm not familiar with your work, so it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!
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        Welcome to Ambient Online David! I have followed your music for several years on Soundcloud, although I'm rather behind in my Soundcloud listening! And not just behind on listening to your music either :O
        I'm glad you have introduced yourself and look forward to hearing more of your compositions
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          Hello David; I look forward to visiting your Soundcloud !
          Yello - The Eye


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            well i think you know i am a huge fan of your work :-)



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              Welcome to the "organisation". I remember you from 2011/2012 on SoundCloud, but then I fell in with a bad crowd.

              I hope you will find this place useful and inspiring.
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                welcome (back)!