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Greetings and respect from Finland

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  • Greetings and respect from Finland

    By the grace of S1gn's invitation, I'm extremely happy to register here.

    Although I've been intrigued and listened to noise/ambient/drone-stuff for ages, I've gathered more experience creation-wise in the extreme metal scene. Perhaps it is because of this my sounds focus on darker, noisier aspects...

    I'm all about field recordings, organic sounds and "real" instruments, twisted, churned and re-created through whatever hardware I get my hands on.

    Also, collaboration is at the heart of my musical journey. I hope to gain a bunch of new collaborative friends here .

    All my solo work is free for download.

    So, happy to be here, and very excited about this new realm I've just entered in this life-long musical journey.

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    Hello Utu, Nice to see you here too


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      So glad to have you!!!

      I knew, from the moment we met, that you would be perfect fit for ambient online and I'm still convinced!!! You make great music and are very positive. Can't wait to see what else you continue to contribute to this community!

      Welcome to AO!!!


      S1gns Of L1fe
      Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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        I've enjoyed listening to your works and I'm very glad to see you here. Welcome!


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          Thanks for the nice welcome!