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Good morning, and nice to meet you.

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  • Good morning, and nice to meet you.

    So this is where I introduce myself.

    Well, my name is Tony Scharf and I work under the name NoiseTheorem. I got my start in music more than 20 years ago now playing in Industrial bands in Chicago. I also started the Negative Gain Productions record label, but am no longer involved.

    I make noise using a lot of modular synthesizers, mostly eurorack, as well as found sound. I have some collaborators that contribute now and again as well.

    You can find my current release here:

    You can also find me on the usual social networking services at the links below:

    I hope to be a contributing member of this community, and I also hope that you enjoy my music!

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    Listened to you SC page. You have some interesting tracks. I liked Pillars of Creation, In the Eye of the Predator, Gravitational Wave Harmonics and Solar Maximus particularly.
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      Sorry it took me so long to respond to your intro thread. Let me officially welcome you to ambient online!!! :D

      For those that don't know already, the music of NoiseTheorem is absolutely amazing and one of his tracks will be included on Podcast #2!!! I think you'll make a fantastic addition to this community Tony.

      Cheers and welcome aboard!!

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        Welcome, I look forward to exploring more of your music.
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