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Hi - John Raw - France

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  • Hi - John Raw - France

    Hello to you all, Ambient people.

    Found your forum because of The BassBus and one of his video related to one of your contest.
    It looks inspiring to have a place like here to motivate us up, facebook and stuff is cool but i'm an old school guy and boards is even cooler.

    I'm a music-nerd, and doing some of it for leisure, I have a Youtube channel that I use for uploading my Noisy stuff, sometimes it's ambient alike, sometime it isn't.
    But I'm interested into that part of the musical world

    I must also apologize for all the messages I will leave on this forum, my english is quite bad in my opinion (and I try to improve it a bit every day)

    Like I've said, this place is the great way to make collabs and work together, count me in please
    Noise & Subgenres Artist. Check out the playlists. Open to Collabs.

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    Despite my taking 2 years of lessons (almost 40 years ago), I can tell already your English is way better than my French. Since you are making all the effort in changing languages to be here, the least we can do is to be polite and promise to only help and not criticize.

    Looking forward to your hanging around here!


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      Hello John Raw

      Welcome to ambientonline. I look forward to hearing some of your creations. In fact I am starting off by listening to your One Sample Dare #51 entry




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        Thanks for the warm greetings aoVI
        It's always ok to read some feedback and advices, bad reviews is fine if (you're right !) they are smart ones ;)
        Thanks for the warm greetings synkrotron
        I love to join-in when there is some projects, like theses OSD, really fun to add a track to the whole, thanks for your interest.


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          Welcome to AO! We do not judge by your language ability, we have lots of members from different countries. They all seem to do a great job of making themselves understood in English, and you are no exception. Enjoy your time here!
          "All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us" - Gandalf, Lord Of The Rings


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            Bonjour! welcome to the board john


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              welcome and enjoy :-)


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                Sonic Bodhi Yes, members from a lot of different locations, that's what I've seen in some Introductions topic ^^

                The Quietist & blackivan Thanks you for the greetings