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Hello there from the land of OZ [tralia]

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  • Hello there from the land of OZ [tralia]

    I'll follow the suggested format for introductions but not in the suggested order:
    I am a player of advancing years with a long history of playing in bands that goes back to the early 60's. I became fascinated with ambient music in the late 80's and had a few cassette tapes of ambient music I obtained from a friend that I would play incessantly while driving around the countryside as part of my work. I was initially surprised to find them utterly absorbing, especially the really droney stuff. There were at that time several radio programs I avidly listened to that played ambient instrumental. The beginnings of another obsession.

    As you could imagine the personality clashes and politics in bands became more and more tiresome until several years ago I quit playing altogether. Recently I realised I was beginning to feel like playing once again especially after the purchase of a nice new amp. There are always lots of lovely guitars around here as I work as a builder and repairer of guitars and other stringed instruments. I have a small but carefully chosen set of pedals so most of what I need was at hand. The idea of going back to bands was not an attractive one but I became aware of loopers and the possibilities they present. As I dug a little deeper into some research the idea of a solitary existence creating soundscapes with my skills [sadly not what they once were] as a guitarist.

    I am used to the solitary life as I have worked alone for 40 odd years so the idea of creating music as a "one piece band" was not a great leap for me. I am married to a very understanding lady and without her my only interaction with humans would be customers coming and going in the workshop.

    Have You found your sound?
    Not yet. I doubt anyone involved with musical endeavors will find their sound as when it is found there is no reason to go further. For me it is the constant chasing of that elusive quality of tone and sound that make music so fascinating

    Tell us about your gear revolutions
    I cant say much as yet but I believe the looper will be very important - a transformational piece of equipment

    Tell us about your most valued tools
    A pair of lovely amplifiers. 63 fender deluxe reproduction and 1965 Eston Super 20 plus a small but nice collection of old school pedals. add to that anynice guitar I want to grab out of what is here.

    What do you do besides music?
    I make and repair musical instruments so there isn't much else happening here really that doesn't involve music. I am a dab hand at the PC and can see computer skills will be very useful when it gets to recording time.

    Not sure what the protocols are on posting what could be construed as self promotion here so I wont post anything to do with my work.

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    Sharing links to your work (bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud,etc.) is not only allowed, but encouraged. There are a couple of sub-forums for member's work.

    Short of knee-deep spamming in multiple topics with the same information, any posting promoting awareness of your work is always welcome.

    And speaking of welcome: Welcome to AO!


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      Nice to have you here.

      Interesting to have someone mention amps rather than guitars as their most valued tools. I'm currently refinishing my guitar (just stripping it down to the bare wood then oiling it) and finding it a very enjoyable way to spend time. Maybe a little late to make it a career but definitely plan on doing something else, maybe build a kit guitar next.

      And, please, as aoVI said, share away, that's what the member releases forum etc is for.
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        welcome, from another Australian. I am fairly agnostic when it comes to guitars - it seems to me there are so many good ones. But, if you want to make ambient guitar and you haven't one yet then I suggest a sustainer of some sort. Incredibly useful. I use this guys design


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          Talking about posting introductory image of an example of my work as a guitar builder rather than player - hopefully i will post compositions later.

          Interesting point regarding the amp being my most valued tool - coming from my background of years of gigging the amp has always been king - but I suppose that will change as I head more into the realms of the Ambient genre. At the moment it is difficult to imagine there being no amp - I can already imagine using a direct in to the pc from the effects array. Which means horror of horors that I will need an amp emulator such as Axe FX or a decent modeling amp with a direct out. I guess I could record the amplifiers the old school way with mikes which is more appealing but probably way messier.

          GregH - did you used to listen to the guy on 3RRR a few years ago that played Aussie ambient type music on sunday arvo's. "All India Radio" et al - apparently there is a good deal happening in Oz. there is also a bloke [MikeG] writing on the subject in "Australian Musician" A web mag I write for myself - His latest article is below:
          MIKE G: THE AMBIENT MUSIC GUIDE | Australian Musician Magazine

          BTW the sustainiac sounds pretty interesting - how is it with chords?

          Looks like this thing is going to be another money pit :((


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            thanks for those links old_picker, very interesting sites from you and mikeG - I think MikeG lives not far from me, although I have never met or heard of him!


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              old_picker here's an old "world/fusion" track using the sustainiac the main usage is in a solo section in the middle
              Was part of a project with a Russian guy in Finland- the woman's vocal he recorded - only breath sounds in this - were recorded when she was in a trance! It awas a technique he used a lot for "spiritual" music.
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                the sustainiac adds an an extra dimension to your rather interesting sounding solo work - nice piece- credit to all participants - once I have chosen a looper I will be looking for a sustainer and likely a compressor to add to my line up


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                  old_picker I forgot to mention - the sustainiac does not sustain chords. Instead it picks up the dominant resonance and sustains that , or harmonics of that if you have a harmonics setting.- It is quite easy to manipulate the sound and pull out whatever harmonic you want. A real pleasure to use


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                    Hello old_picker , and welcome to AO