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  • Hello

    Hi everyone

    I am glad I have found this place, so much interesting content.. lots to discover.

    I've been making music on and off for a number of years and have loved ambient music in its various guises since I discovered The Irresistible Force and Rising High Records back in the early nineties... sadly never been able to create that ambient masterpiece I hear in my head... but I'll keep trying.

    Tarl (Innerise)

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    You'll just have to keep trying! Like I once said back in the 80's: I've always had more ideas than talent, and tape (storage space these days) is cheap!


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      welcome and enjoy :-)


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        Good to have you here with us on AO. I'm in the same boat as aoVI..but I made the move from tape to USBs a long time ago and now have a nice growing collection of "ideas" than have yet to see the light of day..I think it's the same with most of us. The important thing is to remember to go back to them and dust one off every now and then and try to make it something more. I used to just forget about a piece and leave it there, but these days I re-work everything. Sometimes your Muse just isn't ready to finish a piece first time round, but everything can become something eventually, if you are open to it.

        Welcome once again and hope to be reading your posts on here in the near future.


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          Extreme complication is contrary to art.
          — Claude Debussy

          Hear some of my music at hearthis , Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or just say Ello! Also see H.P. Dronecraft collab with ontol.