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Introducing a new project of Max/MSP studies

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  • Introducing a new project of Max/MSP studies

    Hi everyone, it's Bias here.

    I'm a musician and sound designer from Italy and during the last year, while I was working on some music for theatre, I connected some of my tastes, influences, reference artists, realizing that all I was doing and listening to at that time had a name: ambient music.

    I decided to dig deep into the subject, producing some studies while investigating musical aspects of the genre, and I stumbled across this wonderful forum, which was an endless pool of inspiration!

    So, now, I'm here to meet you all, to introduce this project to you (it will be a year-long project, with twice per month publications), and to be part of the community.

    Check it out following the link and...

    Nice to meet you!


    TRAME. a study on ambient music. Trame is a collection of sketches, patches, raw material from previously released works, re-processed in order to make another,…

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    nice work :-)


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      Welcome to AO; look forward to getting to know you.


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        Lisetened to Trama #-01, Very nice! Look forward to listening to more later.

        Welcome to Ambient Online