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Just nod if you can hear me....

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  • Just nod if you can hear me....

    Hi! My name is Dave and I create a bunch of different musical styles under the name "cryophonik", as well as collaborations under other pseudonyms, my real name, etc. I don't create a lot of straight-up ambient music, but I do enjoy it and I create some related styles (e.g., downtempo, chillout, trip-hop). Anyway, I lurk here occasionally and know a bunch of you from other forums (e.g., KVR, gearslutz, Cakewalk), so I figured it was time to sign up. Seems like a really chilled out group of people with no, I'm here to fix that (j/k!). I'll go post some stuff about me in a few other threads now to get my post count up.
    cryophonik | myspace | facebook | soundcloud

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    Another Nor Cal local joins the fray! Nice.

    Welcome to the forum man. I'm already following you on SoundCloud but it's nice to have you with us. We are open to all styles here and as many people know, and welcome anything and everything electronic, acoustic, ambient or otherwise. Make yourself at home...and it looks like you already have. :tu:

    Cheers and again, welcome to AO!

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Thanks S1gns! I've been following you on Soundcloud as well - small world, huh? Go NorCal!
      cryophonik | myspace | facebook | soundcloud


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        Welcome to the drone zone, cryophonik
        Whatsisname's Little Fluffy Clouds | Campsite | Hearthis | SeismicTC | Twitter | Ello