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Hello from Australia

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  • Hello from Australia

    Hi everyone.

    Great to be here.... (Thanks for the sign up help S1gns)

    My names Cam and I'm a Progressive Ambient artist from Melbourne.

    On Soundcloud I'm known as Aedificium (Eye'd a fick e um) which is Latin for Building of Edifice.

    I've been a Drummer in many bands over the years (Mostly Hard Rock).

    But now those years (And playing Live) are behind me so I decided to start making my own music a few years ago, Learning new Instruments along the way and getting my head around various software and DAWS and finally getting to make the kind of music I myself would like to listen too.

    My first album "The Tower of the Winds" was a concept piece based on the world's first clock tower in Greece at roughly 2000 years of age.

    The albums tracks names were based on prayers used by the Romans to denote times of the day also known as the liturgy of hours..the tracks themselves were also written with the time of day in mind..So basically the album starts at Dawn and ends at Midnight..Theme wise....

    One track I would like to present to any interested here is a 12 min piece called Sext..

    The original prayer Sext (around 500 ad) was to denote Midday... and is about temptation.

    The second track I'd love anybody here to give a go would be Lifetime.
    Lifetime is based on a theory of mine that everybody has their own internal theme that constantly changes as life and tastes progress.

    So it follows a man from conception until death ..when the music stops

    That's about it..look forward to meeting you all and checking out your music..Pretty sure I already know and have listened to some here at Soundcloud.

    Cheers from OZ...Cam.

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      Hello, and welcome!


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        You made it! Finally.

        What a well thought out and worthy introduction. Really enjoyed hearing your story and the meaning behind some of your music.

        I know you are going to fit in here quite nicely. Awesome to have you with us!

        S1gns Of L1fe
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          loving sext right now, nice to meet you

          My record label


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            Thanks very much for the welcome Guys..Glad to be here.

            I've listened to podcasts 8 and 9 and they were excellent, well done to all involved.

            Thanks for listening mikkha really glad you liked it..Cheers.


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              Welcome Aedificium! I'm also listening to Sext now, and like it! Look forward to hearing more of your work.
              Only dead fish go with the flow.


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                Thanks very much for the welcome mate..Really glad you enjoyed the track...Cheers.. :-)