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  • hi there

    Hello all! I've been a forum member for a while but was inactive for the last few years, and I couldn't find an introduction from back then, so here it is.

    "Falls A Star" is my old band name; I've been releasing music as Starthief. I make music in a spooky dark ambient, drone, abstract electronica sort of range, primarily with Eurorack modular, effects pedals and software. My releases are available at and most streaming services (except Pandora for some reason). I don't perform live, though I haven't ruled out doing so someday.

    I am currently working on my fifth album release of 2018, tentatively titled Materials, a dark ambient / drone study of Mutable Instruments Rings with some electroacoustic sources. (Rings is frequently underestimated and underutilized as merely a source of pretty string plucks, but its potential is so much more.)

    I am also currently teaching myself mandolin, partly because I've always wanted to and partly with an eye toward a "Gothic Appalachian" musical project my spouse is starting.

    I was a drummer with St. Louis Osuwa Taiko from 2010-2011, though I don't currently own any taiko of my own. ;) I noodle a bit on hand percussion and fretless bass, and played violin and jazz keyboard back in school in the 80s.

    For my day job, I'm a software engineer with an company that develops engineering software for stress analysis, primarily for aerospace. Before that I was a game developer for several years.

    I live in a St. Louis suburb with my spouse, two dogs, cat, and multiple aquariums. When I'm not making music I like video/computer games (mostly racing and puzzles) and reading (mostly SF, fantasy and nonfiction).

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    Hello Mr Starthief

    I of course know you from muffwiggler although we haven't conversed over there.

    Welcome (back) to the forum


    I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

    Bandcamp // SoundCloud // YouTube


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      I do remember you from the early days of AO, glad to see you back!


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        welcome and enjoy again :-)


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          welcome back!


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            Dark ambient and abstract electronica is down my alley, let me know if there are links to stuff I can listen to!
            Dark ambient horror utilizing a completely-original synthesizer on YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Facebook.
            Also join me on the Dark Ambient Discord Server.


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              The good stuff is at and I've got a lot of older material at
              Starthief is a modular synthesist, software engineer, sporadic mystic, very rare DSP coder, former taiko drummer, former game developer and possibly a descendant of mermaids.


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                Welcome to AO. Look forward to hearing your materiai....