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Helloooo from the Arizona Outback

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  • Helloooo from the Arizona Outback

    Hi Everyone. I discovered this forum via a circuitous route starting with S1gns Of L1fe's twitter page (whom I now follow). I appreciate the stuff I've read and heard sofar on this forum, so I figured I'd introduce myself. I have a Roland Fantom X-8, a theremin, a microphone, two electric guitars and one acoustic guitar, a laptop, audacity, and the entire universe in my box of musical tools. I've started a 'Song Of The Day' project on my youtube channel at and I also have a number of works on my soundcloud channel I have other projects in the works. I was classically trained on the piano as a child, and in a former life I was a scientific programmer and an astronomer. This qualifies me well for creating this kind of music. Now my goal is to pay the bills making this beautiful music and I'm actively looking for support to do that. I am partially synesthetic in that I "see" sound: when I hear a sound, full color animated 3D structures appear behind closed eyelids. Ahhhh, rapture! Space/ambient/experiemental music present to me the most interesting and complex structures, so here I am making that music. Drop me a line and let me know how you like my stuff. Peace -- CosmicLettuce (aka AstroAndMusic).

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    My daughter and I have recently been messing about in astronomy. We got tarot cards and...oh wait. I mean I gave her a telescope for her last birthday. Saturn has been stunning us all summer.


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      I knew your user name sounded familiar!

      Welcome to the forum man. So glad you decided to join us. I'm also glad you found me on twitter least all my tweets are good for something.

      Listened to your "song a day" for today and liked it. Also followed you on SoundCloud. Looking forward to seeing you become an active member in this community!

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