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Greetings from Southern California

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  • Greetings from Southern California

    Hello all! S1gns of L1fe had referred me for quite some time. And today, after a VERY crazy turn of events, I'm officially plugging in.

    I guess you could say my music background is vast; everything from jazz (play the sax, though not very often anymore) to hardcore metal (S1gns and I were vaporizing ear drums back in '94) to writing film score/orchestral music. Electronics have been in my life ever since a brand new, state-of-the-art Commodore VIC20 entered our house back before I care to remember. What came next though, was constantly wanting to see what you could do with sound...moreover, the opportunities resolved through a computer. I now find myself here, excited to see what comes next...


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    Well, well...look what S1gns dragged in!

    This is definitely one of the only times I'll append an introduction, but I know this man very well and you have to know a few other things about him. First of all, audiophalanx is a PHENOMENAL guitar player. One of the most mechanically dialed players I've ever met. And yes, him and I have been true friends going on 20 years. He is also an amazing DJ and I've had the pleasure of hearing him perform live on multiple occasions as well as having copies of mixes and CD's that were burned and reproduced personally from his own printer. He has a ear for music like no other and his latest work only proves how diverse he is as a composer and musician.

    Excited he's with us yet? I know I am! It's been a long time coming.

    Cheers my friend and welcome to ambient online!

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      So. The world is turning in on itself. Guess who I ran into a few weekends ago at a party? Mr. AudioPhalanx himself. Talk about a small world gone smaller... how small can it get?
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        Wow! Thanks for the props S1gns! And Phase: true. that!

        Annnd now, off to do some recording...



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          Welcome audiophalanx! Any friend of S1gns is a friend of ours here!
          Only dead fish go with the flow.