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Namaste and hello everyone!

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  • Namaste and hello everyone!

    Hi everyone. Thanks for allowing me to join this wonderful ambient community.

    I'm Dhyananda, an ambient musician, composer, and music therapist specializing in creating relaxing and healing ambient music. I have 20 full-length albums on my BandCamp page, and you can also find my work on my YouTube channel, "Ambient Meditations."

    Up till now I've only performed in yoga studios and meditation centers, but I'm hoping to network with others in our community (booking agents, promoters, and other ambient musicians) in order to broaden my performance opportunities.

    Philosophically, I'm a minimalist, so my approach to ambient music is quite different from the typical ambient musician. This means that my gear is very simple: I have only one guitar, an Epiphone Riviera P93; one amp, a Fender 2x12 Ultimate Chorus; and only five pedals, a Behringer CS400, an EHX SuperEgoPLUS, an EHX Mel-9, an EHX Ravish Sitar, and a Strymon Big Sky. I don't use a volume pedal or a looper, nor do I use samples or a sequencer.

    Brian Eno and Steve Roach are my two favorite "famous" ambient artists, but I get most of my inspiration from my 4 closest ambient friends; you can check them out on YouTube: DreamWare (he's the one that invited me to join this community), CliffDiver, SpaceDrifter1961, and Greg Walton. Those four guys are awesome musicians and all around fantastic human beings.

    Once again, thanks for your kindness in allowing me to be a part of this community.

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    So glad you joined us!


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      Thanks for the warm welcome.
      Hoping to make 2019 the best year ever. Joining this community is a great start!!!


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        Welcome buddy! Great to see you on Ambient Online :D
        Bandcamp | Youtube | SoundCloud


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          Welcome to the ambient online community Dhyananda

          That's a lot of stuff you have on your Bandcamp page... I managed to have a listen to a very small selection of it last night
          I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

          Bandcamp // SoundCloud // YouTube


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            welcome and enjoy :-)


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              Good morning, DreamWare. I finally made the time to take your advice and join. Glad I did. Thanks for suggesting this community to me.

              Synkrotron, I am honored. Thanks so much! I hope you found my music to your liking. It's great to finally be among people that "get" ambient music.

              Hello Balackivan; thank you sincerely for the warm welcome.



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                Originally posted by Dhyananda View Post
                I hope you found my music to your liking.
                What I heard certainly hit the spot and you know what you are doing... So much to listen to! I sampled a bit of Ambient Jazz and Distant Shores


                I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

                Bandcamp // SoundCloud // YouTube


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                  Thanks for the compliments; they really take the sting out of my Monday morning.

                  Glad you found the time to listen to Ambient Jazz. It's been my best selling album so far. I do have a jazz background; in 2017/2018, I was the guitarist in an 18-piece jazz orchestra. But I resigned last June to focus on my ambient work. I'm currently working on my 2nd ambient jazz album, Cool Blue Jazz.

                  Distant Shores is my most recent release. I finally broke down and bought a Strymon Big Sky, which I used for much of the album. It's an amazing piece of hardware, and melds perfectly with my SuperEgoPLUS.

                  Again, thank you so much for the compliments, and taking the time to listen to my music.


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                    Welcome, looking forward to checking out your catalog!
                    The motto is "Well, it can't hurt"...

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                      Hey, thanks so much, Story In Soil. Nice to meet you!!!


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                        Hey man I'm glad to see you over here.
                        To to be honest I thought you were a member already LOL


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                          Hi George. DreamWare invited me. I never knew this place existed. It's nice that we ambient guys have our own place here on the web. This is great. I'm glad to be here.