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  • Hey I'm Borez

    Hey people, Just a quick hello.

    I'm a London based producer, studio sound engineer, live sound engineer, photographer and guitarist ( I study flamenco guitar mainly ) who also lectures in music production, studio and live sound to degree level. My usual forte is dance music and has been for 2 decades but I occasionally delve into ambient, drone and soundscape music just for a bit of time out as opposed to working with other artists in a commercial environment. I'm also currently working on an Ambient album in my downtime with some accompanying short films under the name Blue Carbon.

    I'm kinda into my frequencies and approach the ambient pieces from an experimental sound engineers perspective of trying to put my head into a place where it it shouldn't be both sonically and visually ( if you get what I mean ) in that respect the music is producing the short films and the short films are producing the music in whichever way I fancy at the time.

    Anyway thought I'd drop in for some chat + inspiration on this journey.

    So hello.

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    Hi Borez. It's great to meet other ambient musicians, but to meet a fellow Flamenco guitarist is amazing! I love Flamenco guitar, and I often times borrow from the genre for my own ambient originals. Welcome to Ambient Online. I hope 2019 is treating you well.


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      Hey Dhyanda. I have a real passion for flamenco and study under an amazing teacher here in London, not an easy style to learn though that's for sure, tons of practice. I mean, some of the time signatures are bonkers, especially to someone coming from a 4/4 dance background. Be interesting to try and incorporate it eventually into some ambient pieces for sure, I may give that a go at some point, maybe a slow evolving Seguiriyas or something could work. I'll get the pedal board out, mic it up and give it a go.

      2019 is going to be busy for me, I have a ton of festivals coming up on the live engineering side so at present I'm kinda chilling out, Lecturing is Monday/Tues so have a bit of time off. Calm before the storm and all that.

      Anyway. nice to meet you, be interested to hear any flamenco inspired pieces you have for sure ;)


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        You do sound busy, my friend! That's a good thing though. But chillin' is nice too.

        I mainly learned from my pal, Santiago. He lives in Spain but has a nice YouTube channel (SantiGuitar).

        Yes, it is a difficult style to play authentically. Endless practicing to just be mediocre. LOL. And the time signatures are insane. Especially for a guy like me that hates counting.

        But hey, if you slow it down and add a ton of reverb and delay, even Flamenco can be transformed into beautiful ambiance.

        Thanks for the kind words, my friend.


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          Hello Borez

          Welcome to the ambient online community, I am sure you will find plenty of things to talk about here


          I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

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            Thanks Andy ;)


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              hello , welcome and enjoy :-)



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                Good to have you here--looking forward to sharing your experience!


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                  Thanks all ;)


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                    Welcome Borez!
                    The motto is "Well, it can't hurt"...

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                      Hello and welcome!
                      .oO REALM Oo.
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                        Flamenco eh.... Great to find another enthusist.
                        I remember being tuned on to an Italian flamenco guitar named Gino D'auri years ago. Had a sort subtley ambient album called Flamenco Mystico that just flows beautifully. Very inspiring music.