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  • Hello AO community

    Hello friends, I stumbled upon this site in a search for good ambient music online. Looks like a nice playground ya’ll have here. I am known by Entangled Circles in the music world and invite everyone to head over to bandcamp and download my free album. Its all acoustic and idiophonic. After listening to the comps of A O online I have been inspired to whip out the analog gear and get into mode. Def hope to contribute to the next one. Pleasure to be here.
    - Dharmapala
    Keep it Steady, Keep it Sweet

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    Hello there Dharmapala

    Welcome to the ambient online community

    I look forward to hearing more stuff from you, as well as what ever you submit to the current run of compilations


    I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

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        welcome and enjoy Dharmapala :-)


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          Welcome! You get just in time coz current compilation is very inspiring.


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            Your avatar image looks a lot like the cover to Tetsu Inoue's "Ambiant Otaku". Assuming it's Buddhist perhaps?

            Welcome aboard!
            The motto is "Well, it can't hurt"...

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              Its a mandala I designed which is very much influenced by my Buddhist and Bonpo practices. Thank you!!!
              Keep it Steady, Keep it Sweet


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                Glad to have you here!


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                  Seems as if Stephen Rossmeinl closed Sera Phi in Philly. I was not aware of it.
                  Stephen Rossmeinl is hard to pin down as well. I see he has a series of excellent choral music available.
                  It's all very mysterious haha.
                  Enjoying and will continue to enjoy your Steady & Sweet recordings.

                  storyinsoil I have never been introduced to Tetsu Inoue. Just finished listening to Ambiant Otaku and looking forward to his other recordings!
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                    Yes we are in the process of building the new spaceship in Greenpoint Brooklyn. The first chapter was in San Francisco for about seven years followed by the second chapter in Philadelphia for another seven years and now we are simultaneously opening up in Miami and Brooklyn. He’s a very mysterious guy also I’m much easier to pin down
                    Keep it Steady, Keep it Sweet